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Inspired Fashion For Kids

Korango invests in personalities, characters, and individual expression, and tailors clothes around the desires and comforts of kids.  Korango doesn’t want kids to just ‘wear’ their clothes - they want their clothes to work for kids, and for kids to love the clothes they’re in.


Why Buy Korango?

The reason Korango Australia has grown into one of the largest Australian baby and children’s wear brands is because Korango believes in the value of every single product that it designs and creates.

Korango is always evolving it's processes to become a leader in the sustainability and ethicacy of apparel manufacturing. When purchasing Korango products you are reducing your impact fashion has on the environment while creating a sustainable environment for apparel manufacture. 

Korango currently supplies over 400 boutiques throughout the world and with your help will continue to grow to become one of the largest babies and children’s wear brands.


Korango's Environmental Sustainable Actions

Korango prides itself on being ethically and environmentally conscious. As Korango's understanding of the impact of manufacture and fast fashion grows, Korango’s efforts to take the most environmentally friendly and ethical steps evolve. As a company Korango will continue to strive for better environmentally friendly processes. Over the past 3 years Korango has taken the following steps to improve their foot print on the globe and set an example for other companies:


Biodegradable plastic for garment packaging 

Prior to 2017 every item imported from our overseas manufacturers came with a poly bag (plastic covering to protect the garment). We realised what the potential hazard to the environment this had and made a choice to only use biodegradable plastics to import our goods.

Korango made a choice to supply 200 + stores with re-usable wooden hangers to prevent the use of plastic hangers and ceased supplying any plastic hangers. Unfortunately, plastic hangers, once used are generally thrown in the garbage and dumped into landfill. By eliminating plastic hangers Korango is saving 100’s of thousands of plastic hangers being dumped into land fill plus bringing awareness to the stockists and consumers of Korango about the impact that disposable plastic items have on our environment.



Korango is a proud supporter of Variety (the Children’s Charity) by supplying overruns and end of season stock to Variety. Variety provides goods and services to babies and kids in desperate need of care. Korango believes in the work that Variety do and will continue to support their efforts towards helping children in need. 

Variety’s Motto: ‘Help Aussie Kids be Kids’

Korango’s Motto: ‘Let Kids be Kids’

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Working with ethical and environmentally friendly factories

All Korango's factories adhere to the guidelines of their government and strive to be environmentally friendly. Korango will continue to strive to have a positive impact on the environment and assist in evolving the ethical and environmental impacts that manufacture of apparel currently has on the world.

Creating high quality clothing that can be passed along to other children

Korango believes in creating high quality clothing at a good price and does not believe in fast fashion. Korango's designs are timeless and parents are encouraged to pass along their Korango items to other kids to prevent them being dumped into landfill.


What does the word Korango mean?

Korango's name was created from a twist on the word Kangaroo, an Australian animal. The word was rearranged to create an original name that instils the brands Australian heritage.