Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy for Korango Australia

At Korango, we believe that every small step we take towards sustainability is a step in the right direction. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, supporting ethical and sustainable suppliers, and using eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.

Working with suppliers we know and trust: We prioritise building strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we are working with like-minded companies that share our values. We actively seek out suppliers who prioritise sustainability and ethical practices, and we engage in ongoing conversations with our suppliers to ensure that we are all continuously striving to improve our impact on the environment.

Consider our carbon footprint with buying decisions: We understand that every purchase we make has an impact on the environment, and we are committed to making conscious decisions to reduce our carbon footprint. We prioritise products and materials that are sustainably sourced and manufactured, and we take into consideration the carbon emissions associated with shipping and transportation when making purchasing decisions.

Use recycle-able or compostable packaging when possible: We recognize the importance of reducing waste and our impact on the environment, which is why we use eco-friendly packaging materials wherever possible. We prioritise the use of recyclable and compostable materials, and we are continuously exploring new ways to minimise our packaging waste.

At Korango, we recognize the power of our collective actions and believe that we can make a difference by taking small steps towards sustainability. We are committed to creating a sustainable future, and we hope to inspire our community of conscious consumers to join us on this journey. 

Thank you for supporting our mission towards a more sustainable future.